Creed Millesime Imperial Cologne Review: A Winner for Spring and Summer

I thought it was about time to review another Creed fragrance, especially since, I grabbed another sample vial of Millesime Imperial with this last batch of cologne samples. I really do like this scent above all of the other samples that I received, some of which were down right horrid. Anyways, in this post I want to take a closer look at this Creed fragrance for men and what makes it special.

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Notes include: Lemon, Iris, Green Bergamot, Mandarin



Let me start by saying that this scent has a fruit based aroma to it. The lemon note that is contained in Creed Aventus (Aventus vs Imperial Millesime Comparison Review), is not the same type of lemon as in Imperial, this lemon is Sicilian lemon and it is blended with a sea salt note to help produce a melon fragrance. Yes, the opening has a fresh watermelon vibe to it with a background of marine notes and musk, which get hidden a bit from the start.

Millesime Imperial is a crisp and clean cologne which is beautifully constructed. It reminds me of a summer day spent along the coast, as it is warm, inviting, and almost juicy in its presence. The dry down period subtly shifts from the abundant fruity notes to the more marine or oceanic side of things, which reveals a certain masculinity to the scent.

This cologne is a light one, so you won’t blow out the room with it. However, it does lend itself well to more intimate moments where someone is much closer. Another positive, is its versatility, Imperial can be worn for almost any occasion and work. This is no doubt a Spring or Summer scent. It really shines during the warmer months of the year, when so many other colognes begin to wilt in the heat. It’ll add a clean and subtle touch to any man’s summer wardrobe. Some people do, however, report longevity problems. I get moderate longevity out of it, it’s not a distance runner by any means but it’s not horrible in that regard either.

All in all, I do think Millesime Imperial is a great choice for guys, especially during the summer months. It is a wonderful blend of oceanic and fruity notes that won’t overpower and spells class the whole way. Like any other Creed fragrance, this one is definitely pricey, so if that’s a problem maybe consider picking up a small bottle for special occasions.