Creed Original Santal Cologne Review

Creed is a world renown luxury fragrance brand which has served the royalty and other assorted elites of the world for hundreds of years now. It is a design house known for it use of quality ingredients and rich and fragrant scents for both men and women which have stood the test of time. While we have already taken a look at the top Creed fragrances and reviewed such popular scents as Aventus and Millesime Imperial, we are going to take a look at a lesser known commodity in this post, Original Santal.


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Notes include: sandalwood, juniper berry, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander, rosemary, lavender, tonka bean 


My Review of Original Santal

Santal seems to be formulated as sort of a unisex perfume (I’m not sure if this is actually the case or not but I have seen it for sale as unisex). That being said, don’t expect something that is overly masculine because that’s not what you’ll get. What you will find is warmth, smoothness, with a spicy kick. The most noticeable notes for me are the sandalwood and the cinnamon, though, I also get a vanilla note that seems to balance out the composition.

Immediately, I was struck by how much this reminded me of Joop!, though, perhaps it is a bit more ‘natural’ and less synthetic than Joop in it’s smell. Also, Joop! is much heavier and geared toward men and wouldn’t be presented as a unisex scent. Since I am a fan of Joop!, as an inexpensive option for guys, I liked Santal right off the bat. The dry down doesn’t give off the same powdery feel that Joop! does but I feel that Santal is a much cleaner and smooth fragrance as well.

Santal starts off projecting rather well off of my skin and after 20-30 minutes the vanilla note seems to start kicking in more. There then comes a third wave of notes which I can distinctly detect the tonka bean and lavender, which presents a warmer and woodsy sensation to this cologne. I have to say, Santal is very pleasant to wear.

However, for me, Santal’s projection is bordering on average and I don’t seem to get much longevity from it…maybe 4-5 hours. Perhaps, it will have better longevity on other guys’ skin but it really doesn’t last that long on mine. That is a disappointment because this is a nice scent. Also, on the negative side, it’s not a particularly unique or special fragrance either. Is a cleaner and probably better option than Joop? I’d say so but would I pay for a full bottle of Santal, at Creed prices versus Joop? I wouldn’t. I’d personally take the Joop! and buy another bottle of Guerlain and probably something else as well. I do like Santal, just not at that pricing point and versus my many other options.