Creed Silver Mountain Water Cologne Review

As a part of my ongoing fragrance reviews on this site, I have been gradually tackling the Creed line of colognes for men. Creed is a luxury fragrance design house which has hundreds of years of history and has created scents for the rich, famous, and leaders of the world during this time period. In this post, I want to take a closer look at what I consider to be one of their best colognes, Silver Mountain Water. How does SMW perform? What notes does it contain? Is it worth a buy?



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Notes include: mandarin, green tea, bergamot, black currant, musk, and sandalwood


The opening of Silver Mountain Water reminds me of Imperial Millesime, in a lot of ways, as both fragrances contain mandarin and bergamot notes. The main difference between the two is Imperial develops into a melon scented cologne with a sea salt note that brings about images of the summertime, while Silver Mountain Water, is cooler in crisper in its presentation and evokes mountainous terrain. The citrus notes are most noticeable during the first 20 minutes of wear and after that, the green tea emerges along with the black currant, to really become the highlights.

SMW is a very clean type of scent and isn’t overbearing at all. The musk note gives this fragrance it’s heart in my opinion and keeps it from becoming a completely light and airy affair. Once the green tea takes over, it starts to have a more green/herbal type of vibe to it. It’s almost as if it goes from being a summertime type of fragrance towards a springtime wear. It’s like the melting of the last snow of winter and life starts to come out in full bloom again. Another good springtime Creed fragrance is Green Irish Tweed

Projection wise, I’d say it’s moderate. I can definitely tell I’m wearing it, but it isn’t going to choke out the rest of the room. It’s longevity is decent in my opinion, even though it gets a reputation for being short-lived. I can tell you from my experience, I get six hours from this more or less, and have worn it before a long running work out and could still smell it on me afterwards.

Is Silver Mountain Water worth a try? I’d say yes. I honestly like it a lot, though, it definitely isn’t my favorite cologne ever. I think it is a great idea for spring wear and it does develop this interesting herbal and almost metallic scent (the silver in the name), that is pretty unique and enjoyable. I’d put it near the top of my Creed list and would choose it to wear out of the group depending on the weather and my mood (I have also been warming more and more to Original Santal, even if it is still a weak performer). Silver Mountain Water is a winner in my book.