Desire by Alfred Dunhill Cologne Review

Desire by Alfred Dunhill enjoyed plenty of popularity after its release in 1997. That popularity has waned some since then, however, that doesn’t mean that it has suddenly become a bad scent. This is a rather unique cologne for men, which will fill a certain niche in a man’s inventory of scents or become a daily wear for a certain type of guy. In this post, I want to explore my thoughts about Desire, after wearing it around for a few days in the past week and whether or not I would recommend it.


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Notes include: rose, vanilla, fruits, musk

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The immediate opening of Desire strikes me as a unisex fragrance bordering on a women’s perfume. The fruit and rose notes are immediately detectable and have a delicious quality to them. It is bright and dynamic when first applied with an underpinning of the musk and more woodsy notes.

Desire, as its name suggests, is a cologne which is set up to be seductive and bring women closer to you. I definitely get that kind of vibe from this scent, it has a unique and attractive profile, that should perform well on nights out on the town. There is a exotic/oriental type of spice which develops after a few minutes of wear. I think it is the combination of vanilla and musk which provides this light spiciness.

After about an hour, the fruit notes begin to lose some of their potency and Desire evolves into a more woodsy and oriental type of fragrance. The projection also seems to die down after a while, the cologne is still detectable but it’s definitely not as loud as it was during the opening phase. I don’t don’t find this cologne to be super long-lasting but it seems to perform rather well throughout the day. Though, I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list of longevity.

Overall, I would say that Desire is worth a try. It might not fit every guy’s style but I think it will be appreciated by many and is appealing enough to attract the ladies. This would never become a signature scent for me, as I’m not that big on rose as a note in this, but it is something that I wouldn’t mind wearing some more. Desire is a good cologne that has the potential to be great for the right guy.