Drakkar Essence by Guy Laroche Cologne Review

Keeping up with my recent burst of fragrance reviews, it is time to turn my attention to an offering from Guy Laroche. I saw a bottle of this while shopping in Target and noticed Cam Newton on the cardboard display. I’m not that big a fan of Drakkar Noir (just a personal taste…many people love it), although I appreciate its impact in the fragrance world and how big it was in the 1980s. It just never excited me all that much. However, I figured that I’d give Drakkar Essence a try and see if I liked it. How does Essence stack up? Is it worth a purchase?


Notes include: mint, musk, lavender, grapefruit, tonka bean, woods


It’s kind of funny that I tried out Drakkar Essence at about the same time that I tested out The Essence by David Beckham. Not only did these two scents share the same name but also lavender and grapefruit are ingredients in both.  So, even before I knew the contents of Drakkar, I was struck by how much both of these colognes resemble one another. The difference comes in where the Beckham scent is more citrus/acquatic, Drakkar Essence is kept warm and mildly spicy by the musk and mint, though still retaining an aquatic feel.

I actually don’t detect that much of a mint influence, it’s definitely there but I get mostly the grapefruit and musk notes. I do like this cologne, even if it isn’t terribly unique or anything. It is completely enjoyable after a few minutes when it has had some time to settle on the skin.  It becomes a smooth and fresh scent highlighted by the emergence of the lavender note to go along the other aforementioned notes.

Projection wise, it starts off rather strong before settling into a moderate fragrance. I got pretty good longevity out of Drakkar Essence also. I took a shower and scrubbed with body wash and could still pick some up on my skin. So yeah, no problems there.

Overall, is Essence worth a purchase? I like it. It’s pleasant. However, it doesn’t really stand out to me. I guess it’s a buy because it is a nice fragrance and not very expensive. Drakkar Essence isn’t a scent which will blow you away but it is quite serviceable and sometimes that’s all you need.