Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. Red Cologne Review

I picked up a few samples from Lacoste’s L.12.12. line of fragrances, Blanc and Rouge (White and Red), and have been wearing them around for the past few days in order to get a full take on these colognes. Today, I want to do my review of the Red scent from this collection, which was released in 2012. As usual, I am going to give my thoughts on how it smells, how it performs, when it should be worn, and if it is worth a purchase or not.


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Notes include: ginger, mango, black pepper, mandarin liqueur, cardamom, red roiboos tea

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The opening of Eau de Lacoste Red really highlights this fragrance’s uniqueness in the men’s cologne space. It definitely has it’s own feel, which I appreciate, while feeling somewhat familiar and not too far out there. The mango note which is one of the main stars from the start, really reminds me of something like Polo Black. Although, the mandarin liqueur and tea notes take it in a different direction all together. Red is really a nice summery scent, which would be great as a casual wear along with one of the brand’s signature polo shirts.

This rouge bottled cologne is quite a bright yet layered experience with the second wave of notes really coming through about 10-15 minutes into the wear. Ginger and black pepper give Eau de Lacoste Red a nice earthy and spicy kick which provide a great richness to what should just be a basic summer/casual fragrance. This entry in the L.12.12. collection is crisp and warm through the use of spice which sets it apart from a lot of summery colognes which go the ‘cold’ citrus route.

The projection on Red is pretty good, at least at first. I applied it before heading out to run errands and was loving getting whiffs of it off of my skin. However, the longevity of this one, seems to be pretty weak. I actually love the dry down of this scent which is an outdoorsy sort of blend of spice, wood, and fruit…but it is short-lived. Lacoste Red becomes a skin scent within a couple of hours, in my experience thus far. Sure, if you really load up on it, you’ll get better longevity but it will be really heavy to have to wear at first.

L.12.12. Rouge is best as a summer casual cologne. I feel like I could wear this to a work event, school, or out and about during the daytime. I can’t classify this as a sexy or nightlife kind of fragrance and I would also put it towards the more youthful side of the spectrum.

Overall, is this one worth a buy? Eh…I like it and think that it smells pretty unique BUT the longevity kind of sucks. If you can grab a bottle for cheap, it might be worth a shot and maybe it’s just bad performance due to my skin and it’d work better on someone else. I appreciate what Lacoste was going for here but you might be better served by picking up a bottle of Polo Black, which at least has some similarities with L.12.12. Red.