Eau Mega by Viktor & Rolf Ladies Perfume Review

Time for another ladies’ fragrance sample review. Today’s contestant is Eau Mega by Viktor & Rolf, which was released in 2009. Is this blend of floral and fruit notes worth purchasing consideration? What does it smell like? How does it perform? As usual, I will give my opinion on all of these questions and figure out what the deal is with Eau Mega.


Notes include: jasmine, peony, musk, pear, lemon, violet leaf

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The opening of Viktor & Rolf’s Eau Mega is a watery blend of pear and peony. It actually really reminds me of a hand soap that I’ve purchased before, which doesn’t strike me as a good thing in a perfume. I also get a vibe of something like Alien Aqua Chic (if I remember correctly), just in it’s water notes.

As Eau Mega moves along in time, the violet leaf and musk take on a larger role and it gets away from the hand soap opening. I get a very floral, green, and fruity aroma from this perfume, much like a garden or bouquet of flowers that has just gotten a dowsing from a sprinkler system. What this scent is by this point in time, is what you should expect from the rest of the wear, as it really doesn’t develop any further.

The projection on this one is pretty good, it is a subtle fragrance, that will play the background. By no means is this a monster scent that will take over the room. The longevity is again, just okay, it isn’t poor so I can’t beat it up too much on that point. Eau Mega is quite serviceable in the performance department.

Eau Mega strikes me as a casual wear that is built for the warmer months of the year. It could be worn at school or the office but it doesn’t feel to me like a sexy or romantic kind of perfume at all. It is clean and fresh.

Overall, is Eau Mega worth a buy? Maybe. I don’t find it to be a great fragrance but it’s not terrible either. If you’re a fan of pear and floral scents, this could be worth a look. I think that it does everything well and smells good but it never really knocks your socks off. At it’s price point, you can probably do better than this.