The Essence by David Beckham Men’s Cologne Review

I have been on a cologne testing kick recently and one of the new scents that I have tried out is The Essence by David Beckham. The former footballer has released many fragrances over the past few years and has created a niche for himself in the inexpensive cologne category. How does The Essence stack up? What is its composition? Is it worth a buy? Keep reading while I go in depth about this cologne.

Notes include: grapefruit, tonka bean, pineapple, apple, lavender, kashmir wood, and more


The opening is very fresh and citrusy. I can definitely detect the interplay between the grapefruit and pineapple notes. The apple note is there as well but I find it to be on a tier below the other two fruits. It really reminded me of a Nautica scent, somewhere between Voyage and Blue with a grapefruit twist. So, yeah, the opening is quite aquatic in character with that citrus accord which works well for spring and summertime.

The dry down period is where I think that The Essence really begins to shine. It begins to take on a more earthy/woodsy type of scent and still remains just as fresh but much smoother. Again, this cologne is reminiscent of many other fragrances, like Azzaro Chrome and even somewhat like Drakkar Essence with its grapefruit and lavender notes. Which means, if you’re looking for something unique, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

It’s projection is moderate. At first, the grapefruit opening comes on somewhat strong before it settles down into something much lighter. I would say that it is a safe scent to wear for just about any occasion and not offend anybody. Also, you’ll get around 6 hours of life on your skin, maybe a bit more than that.

Overall, is The Essence by David Beckham worth a purchase? Yes, if you’re in the market for a warm weather wear and on a tight budget. It has shades of many other scents, so it is kind of generic. However, for the price it is clean, fresh, and effective.