Top 5 Estee Lauder Perfumes: Best Women’s Fragrances

Estee Lauder is an absolutely authoritative name in the world of beauty and cosmetics. The company’s products have been around for decades and still appeal to women from each successive generation. For this list, I have selected five of the scents from its line of perfumes, which I feel are the best of the best. As always, I have linked out to for ease of purchase and for more info.

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Pleasures– A classic floral perfume that is soft, pleasant, not too flowery in its scent, and never overpowering.Notes include: roses, violets, lilies, woody notes, peonies.


Beyond ParadiseР Beyond Paradise is a bright and youthful floral fragrance that is best worn on warmer days. Honeysuckle, orchid, and orange blossom are just a few of its notes.


Sensuous-As its name suggests, Sensuous is sexier and more alluring perfume than the previous two entries. It is still not a heavy scent but one that is really intriguing to experience with its notes of amber, black pepper, sandalwood, magnolia, and ghost lily.


Beautiful– The most popular Estee Lauder scent and for good reason, it’s an all-around winner. It is a long lasting blend of floral and fruity notes which can be worn on any occasion and still draw complements. Citrus, peaches, plums, melons, rose, jasmine.


Knowing– This one has more of a woodsy profile to it but still brings in the floral notes like jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. Has an intensity that is best suited for the colder months. This one has been around forever, a mature scent.