Eternity by Calvin Klein Cologne Review

Calvin Klein has a long history in the fragrance market, dating back to the 1980s. The most amazing part of this fact, is that, many of the scents are still best sellers every year, despite the fact they have been around for so long. One of the colognes, is Eternity for Men, which debuted way back in 1990 and is still going strong. It has been a while since I’d smelled this fragrance, so, I ordered a sample vial to refresh my memory and decided to write a review.

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Notes include: lavender, mandarin, basil, jasmine, sage, sandalwood, amber, rosewood, vetiver, geranium


What I’ve always appreciated about Eternity is how simple of a scent it is. Not necessarily, in its complexity of notes but more of its consistency and how you know exactly what you’re getting out of it. There are many colognes out there with severe performance issues or will take on completely different vibes in different environments but this Calvin Klein fragrance always seems consistent.

It’s opening is very clean and crisp. The lavender note is what I detect throughout and helps to give it an almost soapy quality to it, similar to the lavender in a body wash like, Axe Night. However, those two scent wholly diverge after that, Eternity has a citrus quality to it from the mandarin and lemon notes, which is complemented by an accord of greens.

The notes that are the strongest or most detectable in Eternity for Men are the lavender, sandalwood, and vetiver. It’s a very smooth and calming type of scent which I would describe as masculine without become too dark and heavy. Again, the citric and floral notes help to lighten this cologne up a bit and make it more appealing.

Its projection is good to very good on my skin. I can certainly detect it and so can those around me but not in an overwhelming or offensive way. Is it long-lasting? It’s moderate in that regard. Not one that I will smell like 10 hours later or anything like that but neither is it a fragrance which will disappear in 2-3 hours. I have gotten 5-7 hours usually out of it depending on the day, environment, what I’m doing, etc.

Overall, this is a very attractive scent. Women seem to like it and it is versatile enough to wear on pretty much any occasion. It is not a cologne which is wholly unique and will make you stand out but it is really nice for what it is. Eternity is a relatively safe and inexpensive choice as a daily wear, with solid performance and attractiveness. I wouldn’t be opposed to having a small bottle around again for myself on those days where I just want something simple. It’s not a world changing scent but one for guys in their late teens to late twenties (and perhaps beyond) to wear when they need a basic and safe cologne.