Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein Cologne Review

For the third installment of my review of the Calvin Klein line of fragrances for men, I thought that I would tackle Euphoria. It is a more recent creation than most of the designer’s big hits from the 1980s and 1990s, being first launched in 2006. With a name like Euphoria, you would expect it to deliver an almost unforgettable experience of the senses and really draw people in…does it? Let us take a closer look at this CK cologne.

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euphoria men

Notes include: chilled sudachi, raindrop accord, solid amber, cedar leaf, black basil, patchouli, creamy suede, ginger pepper cocktail, Brazilian redwood


I feel somewhat torn as to how exactly I should review this fragrance. On the one hand, I actually really do find it to be a pleasant scent with a really interesting profile of notes. On the other hand, I also find it to be somewhat disappointing in certain respects. It has a spicy scent with undertones of sweetness to it, probably from the herbal or woodsy notes, that is moderate in its presentation and a scent that is rather warm and comforting. 

Where it fails to impress me is in its uniqueness, I feel as though I have smelled this cologne elsewhere before, and probably done much better by other designers. It just doesn’t stand out too much from the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine scent and I enjoy it, but just not something that will enhance my own personal style.

Another problem with this cologne is that it doesn’t seem to last very long. Okay, it’d be fine if it were a long-lasting fragrance that was simply a pleasant cologne and nothing more but it doesn’t even seem to pull that off well in my experience.

I do think that this fragrance has a really nice and fresh scent to it but there are more options on the market that will exceed its performance. If it lasted longer, I would have no problem making this an everyday wear or a casual wear but I really don’t like my colognes dying out early.