Exceptional…because you are Cologne Review

I have been writing reviews of colognes for the past few weeks or so on this site and some of these have come from samples that I ordered for fragrancenet.com. One sample that I didn’t order but, rather, received for free was one I had never heard of called Execptional…because you are for men. I was pleased to get another sample in the package that arrived at my door but I have to admit that the title made me laugh at how lame it is…because it is. Apparently, being exceptional alone wasn’t enough. Whatever. When I open the fragrance vial, I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I liked this cologne and as such felt the need to add it to my reviews.


Exceptional…because you are notes:

bergamot, cardamom, violet, juniper berry, plum, incense, vetiver, sandalwood, musk


Just by looking at the list of notes you can tell that Exceptional is going to be a fruity/floral based colognes, which is something that I generally like in a fragrance.  The incense and the musk help to add a bit of spice and sophistication to the aroma and helps to create a masculine vibe to the scent. Just upon my initial judgment of this cologne, I really enjoyed the smell and was looking forward to wearing it out during the day.

This is a very light and clean fragrance, that has a definite sensuality to it.  It’s a cologne for men that could be termed sexy in its subtle presentation. This is for sure a fragrance that ladies will like on a man.

However, I have tried wearing this cologne and both times it faded quickly. I honestly had no idea I was even wearing the fragrance. It was as if it simply wouldn’t ‘stick’. This morning, I even put on more of Exceptional than I normally would any other cologne and still, nothing. I am really disappointed that I haven’t gotten a good performance from this scent because it truly is wonderful. Reading other reviews, I’ve seen that others have the same complaint as me while it seems, still other people, are very happy with the results they’re getting. I don’t know, I want to like this cologne but it may be another scent like The One by Dolce & Gabbana, that I cannot invest in despite its fantastic scent because it simply won’t hold. Perhaps, you can get different results.