Fahrenheit for Men Cologne Review: Christian Dior Fragrance

Christian Dior has released a number of fantastic fragrances for both men and women over the years. Among  them, is the appropriately named, Fahrenheit. This scent was released by the design house in 1988 and still retains its reputation as one of the most unique as well as one of the best smelling colognes of the market (for some people). This cologne has many admirers as well as detractors who detest its smell. Fahrenheit can be rather pricey for many people but it is one fragrance that will definitely help a man stand out. In this post, I want to give my review of Fahrenheit and take a closer look at what makes it so either or.




Notes include: honeysuckle, sandalwood and balsam.



The opening of Fahrenheit is notorious. One common critique of this cologne is that its opening smells like a petroleum product (gasoline, kerosene, take your pick). It does settle down a bit after that but the description of the scent is pretty dead on. The violet and the honeysuckle can tend to cause that reaction.

Fahrenheit is also quite a strong cologne and as such needs to be used lightly in order for it to be enjoyable. As I said, it does settle down  but can often be too much for some guys to handle from their fragrance. The best part of Fahrenheit to me is the sweet and leathery notes that emerge which is quite remarkable.

The leather is probably the most noticeable note in this one but also the violet which is either a good or bad thing depending own your tastes. Fahrenheit is quite a masculine scent that does give off a really manly vibe to it, which limits its versatility somewhat. It’s definitely too strong for every occasion.

Most people seem to either love or hate this scent from Christian Dior. I’m of the opinion that it is pretty good overall but it’s one that I have to be in the mood for. However, this does have the potential to be many people’s favorite cologne.