Gentlemen Only by Givenchy Cologne Review

I’ve been trying out more and more colognes over the past few weeks and I recently got a hold of a couple scent by Givenchy. Gentlemen Only and Gentlemen Only Intense. In this post, I want to take a closer look at the former, and give my opinion and rate how this fragrance measures up. What is it composed of? What is the opening like? How does it smell? How long does it last? Please continue reading below for my full review of Gentlemen Only.


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Notes include: Birch wood, patchouli, vetiver, cedar, pink pepper, mandarin

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My first impressions of Gentlemen Only is that it is a dry and slightly sweet woodsy scented fragrance. It is simple and refined. I was really digging this scent when I first applied it and enjoyed the interplay between the vetiver and birch/cedar notes that I could pick out. This Givenchy fragrance is one in which I could completely imagine myself applying while wearing a suit and even though I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I definitely felt quite fresh with it on.

Also, the opening has a citrus aroma provided by the mandarin note, that fades away during the drydown period. This mandarin and pink pepper give it the sweet/spicy undertones which helped to make Gentlemen Only quite appealing to my tastes. As the citrus fades, it takes on more of a smokey type of aroma (think less of tobacco or a whiskey cask and more towards incense).

Projection wise, Gentlemen Only starts out pretty good in that regard. For the first few hours, I could notice it on myself and liked it a whole lot. In many regards, I though that I had found a new potential casual fragrance for me to wear. However, the longevity on this one is really disappointing.  After three hours or so I could no longer even detect it on my skin, I had sprayed some on my forearms, and got absolutely nothing from it. It’s so hard to find a good long lasting cologne sometimes.

Overall, is this Givenchy product worth a try? I definitely like the scent, although, I seem to enjoy the Intense version more BUT Gentlemen Only just does not last. Plus, the Intense version isn’t really ‘intense’ and is quite a different fragrance all together. If you want a woodsy/smokey/spicy cologne in this price range, consider: Burberry London or perhaps, YSL L’Homme Libreboth of which have much better longevity.