Gentlemen Only Intense by Givenchy Cologne Review

I have already reviewed many scents this week, including Gentlemen Only. Since I’ve also got a mini size of Gentlemen Only Intense, I thought that I’d go ahead and do a review post on it. This is another cologne from Givenchy and one which is masculine and suited toward the cooler months of the year. How does it stack up? Is it better than the original? Please read below for my full take on this scent.



gentlemen only intense

Notes include: tonka bean, birch wood, mandarin, patchouli, leather, amber, and cedar

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OK, so after trying the original Gentlemen Only and enjoying it, (only to later be disappointed by its longevity), I was looking forward to trying the Intense version of this cologne. As it turns out, I actually like this one much better. Let me state beforehand that I love sweet/spicy/leathery fragrances in the fall or winter months. I am a fan of tonka bean (Versace Eros), leather even in something like Dirty English, and the sweet/spicy incense of something like Body Kouros. As such, I was drawn to this fragrance right off the bat.

The opening is a sweet blend of tonka bean, amber, and the leather note. This is an interesting departure from the original which featured more of the birch wood, mandarin, and vetiver (which is absent in the Intense version) notes. As such, you are hit with a different sensibility and less of the dry sweetness than Gentlemen Only. Intense presents itself as much more of a sweet/incense take on the original, that at times seems somewhat gourmand without going overboard (like in Very Irresistible by Givenchy)  but keeping an underlying smokiness.

Again, this one might not be for everyone but if you enjoy that kind of sweet/leathery/masculine type of scent this could be a good look. Projection wise, it is pretty good. It’s not a beast but it is better than Gentlemen Only, though, I believe Intense is a misnomer…it’s not intense but quite moderate. Longevity was the drawback of the original and honestly, Intense isn’t much better in this regard. 4-5 hours of life at most. The only saving grace is that I feel that this is a nighttime fragrance and so that longevity might be enough in that situation. However, it really should be better than that and I’m disappointed that it isn’t.

Overall, is it worth a buy? Maybe. It smells really good in my opinion but the longevity questions remain. It’s one that I could definitely find a place for on occasion, but, at the price I could get something else that is a much better performer. It’s not a bad fragrance but it could be magnificent.