Gucci Guilty Black Review: One of My New Favorite Colognes

I recently ordered four sample size cologne vials from and actually received a fifth one free. Since I received these fragrances, I have been testing out each one during my daily life and plan on writing a review of each. Yesterday, I reviewed Creed’s Aventuswhich an expensive fragrance with lots of layers to it. Today, however, I am going to review my favorite of the bunch and one I enjoy much more than Aventus, Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme.

Gucci Best Cologne


I have always been a fan of both Gucci and D&G fragrances for men, as they always seem to be stylish and sensual. Gucci has a long history of coming out with great scents such as Rush, Pour Homme, and Made to Measure. Gucci has been recently releasing a line of Gucci Guilty colognes, following its launch of the magnificent Gucci Guilty Pour Homme. Guilty Black is the first of this new bunch that I have tried out and let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed.

guilty black sample


Guilty Black Notes:

green coriander,  lavender, orange flower,  patchouli, and  cedarwood

The first thing I’d like to say about Guilty Black is that it definitely is not a boring fragrance. One of the best words I’ve read described it as ‘hypnotic’ and I would agree wholeheartedly with that assessment. It is a refreshing scent that isn’t fruity or too light, rather, it is completely masculine and versatile in its uses.

This is a cologne which is appropriate for the business world but can be worn effectively for a date or a night at the club, as it draws attention. I’ve worn it three days thus far and have had at least one person comment positively on it during each one of those days. Also, it seems to both project well and it lasts long without fading. I put it on this morning at around 7:30 and it was still there at 6 PM when I left work, so it has staying power.

This is a scent for a man who exudes confidence and wants to be noticed and while it isn’t overpowering it does stand out. That can be a good or bad thing depending on your own personality but with a scent like this, one won’t stand out in a bad way. It isn’t a heavy scent either, it’s clean, but not really definable as a clear woodsy scent or aquatic.

I don’t have a rating system but if you push me to rate it out of five stars, I give it at least a 4.5 and that would be if I wasn’t in the mood to rock this scent. Gucci has another hit on its hands with Guilty Black and I think that I have another fragrance to add to the rotation. Try this one for yourself.

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