Gucci Rush by Gucci Perfume Review

Apart from the massive amount of Bond No. 9 samples, I’ve accumulated recently, I have also gotten a hold of a few others that I wanted to review. One of which is a classic scent released by Gucci in 1999, Gucci Rush. This ladies’ fragrance has gotten quite a nice reputation over the years, but is it justified? Please continue below for my full wear thoughts about this scent.


Notes include: freesia, jasmine, coriander, gardenia, patchouli, rose, vanilla, and vetiver

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The opening of Gucci Rush is a smooth mix of floral notes and what smells like peach (though, I’m not sure this is even an ingredient since I cannot find it listed). I would say the floral aspect at the start is more dominated by the rose note and the gardenia. Add to that is the familiar scent of patchouli, which is well blended in Rush, and never goes overboard in my mind.

This scent just sort of grabs your attention from the get go and feels so perfectly smooth as a floral based scent and not overly ‘green’ or like you’re walking through a garden. It has a certain energy and seductive quality to it, which I suppose is where the Rush moniker came from. At it’s heart, Rush is a sweet perfume but once again it stays grounded by the vetiver and patchouli notes which give it an earthy/woodsy quality.

Projection wise, I found Gucci Rush to be strong but it never really struck me as monstrous. It can be loud, for sure, but it isn’t insane by any stretch of the imagination. For the longevity, maybe it’s just my skin, but I only got about 6-7 hours of wear out of Rush. That’s not terrible but it isn’t an all-star in that regard.

Now, Gucci Rush is one of those scents that specializes in the nightlife. Think of this stuff as more of a club/bar/romantic kind of wear. If you apply lightly, you might be able to wear it no problem casually, but don’t go nuts with the sprays. Rush is the type of perfume that I would love to smell on a woman during a cold winter night at a bar. On the dance floor or just hanging around, it’s pretty sexy stuff.

Overall, do I think Gucci Rush is worth a buy? Yes, it’s a classic at this point. It’s a very good scent with nice performance, that is built for a specific purpose…to rule the night. It does a great job at that. The aroma is gives off is well-balanced, interesting, and charming. It has a unique vibe that is upbeat, warm, and always full of energy. There is a reason why this is highly rated.