Guerlain Homme Cologne Review

In my recent haul of samples, I got a hold of a sample spray vial of Guerlain Homme. I have been wearing this scent around for the past couple of days to see what it’s all about and how it holds up to my lifestyle. I have to say, I am definitely impressed with this cologne. Continue reading below for my full break down of this wonderful scent.

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Notes include:  lime, rum, mint, cedar, vetiver, rhubarb, green tea bergamot, sugar, geranium



Let me start off this review by saying, I love this cologne. Honestly, I think it is fantastic and will have a spot in my rotation for a long time. The highlight of this fragrance, is the mojito accord consisting of lime, rum, sugar, and mint notes. Yes, the main accord is based on an alcoholic drink but when blended with these other notes, it really makes Guerlain stand out.

The sweet notes do not dominate this scent completely, however. It is anchored by the woodsy and green floral notes which add a masculine aura to this cologne. Guerlain has a definite fresh energy to it that dries down into a crisp almost powdery fragrance, which will leave a man smelling clean throughout the day.

It’s longevity is good to very good in my experience with it. I could still smell it later in the day but it becomes a more subtle fragrance than the opening might suggest. It, to me at least, has almost the perfect amount of projection throughout its stay on my skin. Guerlain doesn’t overpower but you won’t have to go completely overboard with the sprays either.

The notes are very good in the summertime, however, I believe that this is versatile enough to work in the winter time also. The green notes in this gives it a certain layered complexity which I feel will be greater during the colder months. Would I recommend this scent? Absolutely. It’s a really great performer all around and a very seductive and clean scent, that is quite manly and attention grabbing.