Guess Night Men’s Cologne Review

I’ve already reviewed a few Guess brand fragrances for men on this site. Two of which were from the Seductive line of colognes that they put out. Both of those scents smell really good and are cheap to purchase (even if Seductive Blue is pretty performance poor, though, has a great aroma). As such, I get eager to try out other offerings from this brand to see if there are other inexpensive gems that can be added to my cologne rotation. I recently tried out Guess Night and want to do a review on this fragrance to see what’s what with it. What are it’s notes? How does it smell? How does it perform? Is it worth a buy?



Notes include: grapefruit, pepper, cedar, elemi, geranium, vanilla

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The opening of Guess Night is highlighted by the pepper note. It definitely has a spice to it but it isn’t all that extreme and seems to be subdued a bit by the woody cedar note and the smooth vanilla. It is a warm kind of fragrance and I honestly don’t pick up much of the grapefruit note on my skin at all. I do, however, detect the elemi which has an amber-like aroma that I really like in a cologne. Night is actually quite pleasant from the start but it is pretty generic and doesn’t stand out in quite the same way that the two scents from the Guess Seductive line do.

After the peppery opening, Night settles down into something more vanilla/woodsy. The cedar note gives it a dry aroma but doesn’t push this fragrance into the really ‘masculine’ category. It is definitely for men but I wouldn’t have trouble imagining Guess Night being a unisex scent. Also, this isn’t something for mature audiences, this is a young man’s cologne for those who want something warm and inoffensive.

Projection wise, Guess Night is a very soft type of fragrance. It doesn’t project all that well at the start and quickly settles into a skin scent. I’d double up on the sprays for this one and I’m someone who doesn’t like to be too loud with my colognes. Longevity, like in Guess Seductive Homme Blue, is quite poor. You might be able to squeeze out 4 hours of solid wear, if it works with your skin and you double up. I was pretty lucky to get two hours or so with it.

Overall, is Guess Night worth a buy? I don’t see why you would want it. I mean, it is really cheap and doesn’t smell bad. Though, it isn’t all that unique or amazing smelling either. If you want a Guess cologne that smells better and still has crappy longevity go with Seductive Homme Blue. If you want a Guess cologne that actually performs well, go with the original Guess Seductive. Night isn’t another underrated gem, which is disappointing. I like what they were trying to go for, the execution was just poor.