Guess Seductive Homme Cologne Review

While I was shopping at my local Target, the other day, I made a stop in the personal care isle to take a look at which men’s fragrances they had currently available. There wasn’t much of a selection in that particular store and I was already familiar with most of the available options but there was one scent which I had not tried before. I sprayed it once on my forearm and then once on a old hoodie which I was wearing at the time in order to see what this cologne was all about. This cologne was none other than Seductive Homme by Guess and I found it to be delightful and rather surprising. So much so that I had to purchase a bottle for myself and see how it performed over the long haul. Also see: Guess Seductive Homme vs. Seductive Homme Blue


guess seductive homme review
Try it here: Guess Seductive Men Edt Spray, 3.4 Ounce
Notes include: Cardamom Milk, Pink Pepper, Orchid, Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood, And Musk.



Upon my first whiff of this fragrance out of the bottle, I was immediately reminded of Eros by Versace. While the notes used are different, there is definitely a hint of similarity between this two fragrances. Eros is more complex and heavier in its presentation, however, both it and Guess Seductive are very warm and sensual (they don’t smell the same, I just get a similar vibe from Seductive, and it’s much less ‘in your face’). This one is a smoother, lighter, and cleaner scent. Immediately, I get a blend of pink pepper and amber (which is a favorite note of mine). The pink pepper gives it a faint spice while the amber gives Seductive Homme a blanket of warm sweetness.

Seductive is just that, a seductive fragrance. It is not one that is feminine in its charms, rather, it is fresh and masculine. Although, there is a definite floral aspect to this cologne from the orchid note. The orchid isn’t overpowering but it does do an excellent job in support of the other aromas. As the fragrance matures, there is an emergence of musk and sweetness that is almost candy-like in its presentation (more towards chocolate than a Jolly Rancher). It really is a sexy and delicious sort of scent.

Projection wise, Seductive Homme is moderate. It actually works very well on my skin compared to some of the other offerings from Guess. It isn’t a beast or anything but it is much better than a skin scent. I get good longevity out of this Guess cologne as well. 6-8 hours isn’t a problem to achieve at all and this is where the Blue version of Seductive fell apart. I like this as a winter scent mainly although it does have year round wear capabilities. I’ve worn it in the summer and it held up decently, not great, but it wasn’t a slouch either. Seductive Homme is versatile in its uses, I’ve worn it both casually and out at night on dates. It works across the board.

Overall, I am very happy with my experience with Guess Seductive. It is a warm, crisp, long-lasting, and great smelling cologne for men that is available for an inexpensive price. What more could you want from it? I’m glad that I picked up a bottle of this for under $20 and much like a fragrance such as Nautica Voyage, it greatly exceeds its price in what you get in return.