Guess Suede Cologne Review

Today’s review is of 2007’s release Guess Suede by as luck would have it, Guess. I wanted to see how the suede note worked in this fragrance, as I think it is a nice change of pace from the usual leather note that is so prevalent in men’s colognes. As usual, I’m going to cover what’s in this cologne, how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and if it’s even worth considering a purchase of a full bottle.


Notes include: suede, bergamot, pineapple, vetiver, mahogany, sandalwood, nutmeg, lavender 

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My initial impression of Guess Suede was a positive one. The opening of course, gives you that smooth and familiar suede note that is paired with a slightly spicy nutmeg and a sweet citrus which plays the background quite well. After a few minutes, the wood notes really begin to take form, and the aroma becomes much fuller in my nose.

The thing of it is, Guess Suede strikes me mostly as a one note fragrance. Obviously, with a name like Suede, that note is going to dominate the composition but the supporting cast of wood and citrus stays pretty much the same after the initial few minutes. I wish that I could write more about how it develops, but it doesn’t seem to do so at all. Suede stays warm and smooth with a slightly sweet spice to it.

Projection wise, Guess Suede starts out with a pretty solid kick before it starts to tone down, into something that is essentially moderate but closer to the weak end of the spectrum. Longevity, is not very good at all. Within 2-3 hours, it’s completely gone from my skin. This was my problem with Guess Seductive Homme Blue, it also smells good but doesn’t last. This brand seems to come out with some pretty good smelling fragrance but the longevity on most of them stinks.

I suppose I’d classify this as a casual cologne that could be worn mostly during the Fall to Spring months…however, since it doesn’t last very long, it’s hard to say exactly.

Overall, is Guess Suede a buy? Nope. I actually really liked how it smelled, though, less so the second time I wore it. The problem of course is, what’s really the point of getting a full bottle, if it doesn’t last? Guess Seductive Homme is a legit option from this house, that actually has passable longevity, and is at a good price point. Unless you really love suede and can reapply every few hours, I’d turn this one down.