Higher Energy by Christian Dior Cologne Review

I have already done some posts on this site about the top Christian Dior fragrances, along with a review of the companies’ latest offering, Sauvage. So, when I getting together my latest haul of cologne samples, I thought that I would revisit another Dior fragrance, Higher Energy. How does this scent stack up to Dior’s other men’s colognes? Is it worth a purchase? Find out more by reading below.


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Notes include:  Cypress, rosemary, musk, melon, juniper, mint, grapefruit, cedar

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My initial reaction to Higher Energy is one of familiarity. I cannot quite think of what this scent’s opening smells like but I think it is a fragrance by either Hilfiger or Lacoste. I get a definite summertime and sporty vibe from the fruit notes which come out smelling very smooth and wonderful. However, it doesn’t take on an overly sweet or candy-like aroma, as it seems to be grounded by the woodsy and mint notes.

Higher Energy is a very clean and fresh cologne which isn’t too loud or overbearing. Like I said, I get a sport type of vibe from it and it projects decently when outdoors in the warmth of the sun. I definitely get more emergence of the grapefruit note as the time went on and it took on a less sweet and more woodsy aroma.

Now, while I think this scent smells good and I would have no problem wearing it during the late spring or summer, it does have some issues. It’s not a long-lasting scent, after about 3 hours of wear, I had to press my nose against my skin to smell it. Maybe you can get 4-6 hours out of it but it didn’t seem to hold well on my skin. The projection starts out moderate and obviously fades, people won’t smell you from across the room, which is great but after a certain period of time, they may not be able to detect it unless they’re right up on you. Also, this is definitely a seasonal fragrance which limits its appeal even further.

Overall, I like Higher Energy. It’s a really nice and fresh cologne. It’s just not a big time performer for the price, lacks some versatility, and isn’t all that unique. Try a sample and see how it does for you.