L’Homme Libre by Yves Saint Laurent Cologne Review

I recently got a hold of a sample sprayer of L’Homme Libre by YSL. Now, I really enjoy Yves Saint Laurent fragrances for the most part and especially some of the other scents in the line of L’Homme titled colognes that they have put out. So, I was quite excited to try out Libre for myself and see if it would take a top spot among YSL’s catalog of colognes. In this post, I want to take a closer look at Libre and give my opinion on whether or not it is worth checking out.



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Notes include: violet leaf, basil, leather, pink pepper, star anise


Libre opens with a slightly sweet and mellowed spice aroma on top of a leather note. ¬†Immediately, it is dominated by basil, violet leaf, and the aforementioned leather. I can also detect the pink pepper which adds to the spiciness of the fragrance. It really is a rather unique cologne in a sense, as it is an earthy/woodsy scent with a spice such as Burberry London, but has a sweetness to it like Opium Pour Homme also by YSL. Again, Libre is wholly different from those fragrances, since the spice isn’t very sharp and it is a very fresh cologne. It sort of reminds my of Uomo by Zegna, if you replaced the heavy citrus notes.

The opening 10-15 minutes of this can seem kind of strong and may turn people away but I think that the fragrance really begins to shine in the drydown period. The sweetness of Libre begins to take on a more prominent role, it’s a great fruit influence into the main heart of the scent. I really liked Libre at this point, it feels really masculine yet clean and unique from many other scents.

Projection wise, I’d say it’s moderate bordering on heavy at first and then lightens up a bit as it transitions into the drydown. It becomes this semi-sweet green fragrance highlighted by a pink pepper spice and leather. Libre does also seem to last for a long time, as well. All day in most situations shouldn’t be a problem.. I would wear it on days with a moderate temperature, I think it would buckle in hot weather and might be somewhat out of place during the dead of winter.

Overall, is it a buy? I definitely like it a lot. Is it my favorite? No, but it is really enjoyable to me. I don’t think it’s an amazing cologne, rather, it is one that is very good overall. It also might not be every guy’s cup of tea, especially if you don’t like earthy/green/woodsy scents with a spice to them. Yves Saint Laurent makes some great colognes and I actually think some of the other scents in the L’Homme line are better than Libre. So, that fact may prevent me from purchasing a full bottle of Libre but again, I do think it is a cologne worth wearing.