Hudson Yards by Bond No. 9 Review

In today’s review, I am going to do another entry by Bond No. 9. This time, it will be a ladies’ fragrance, Hudson Yards. As usual, I will cover what the notes are, how it smells, develops, when it should be worn, if the performance holds up, and if it is indeed worth a purchase.


Notes include: musk, rose, peony, lily of the valley, iris, orange blossom, litchi

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Right off the bat, you’re dealing with a very floral fragrance. However, at the start there is a bit of juicy fruit porvided by the litchi. Hudson Yards opens with a blend of the lily of the valley, peony, and rose. It seems to my nose at least, that the peony and rose are stronger at the start than the lily of the valley, which then takes over as the dominant player.

The floral notes have a ‘green’ kind of aroma to them but I don’t think that it is overplayed like some of the other floral Bond No. 9 perfumes that I’ve sampled in the past. It’s a very springtime scent that is bright and upbeat while wearing. As it moves on, the other florals become detectable (namely the iris), and Hudson Yards gets that powdery aroma that is so common to ladies’ perfumes. There is also a slight musky undertone but it’s not too noticeable for me.

Projection wise, it’s a moderate scent. You’ll know that Hudson Yards is there, but it is definitely not a bomb, by any means. I’d say it’s stronger than Bond’s Brooklyn that I tried out the other day. I would also rate the longevity as quite good but not great. I’m more or less getting seven solid hours of wear from Hudson Yards.

Seasonally, this is a dead ringer from spring/summer. It reminds me of sunny days and gardens. It’s rather sophisticated, as well. So, Hudson Yards can be worn casually or on more dressy occasions without ever feeling out of place. I wouldn’t call it a ‘sexy’ kind of fragrance but I do find that it is really pretty and pleasant to be around. It’s mature without being stuffy and old lady-like.

Overall, would I recommend Hudson Yards? Yes, to floral lovers. This could be a great addition to anyone’s rotation for the warmer months of the year. I don’t think that it’s an amazing must have scent but it does everything very well, smells nice, and has an interesting composition.