Hugo Energise by Hugo Boss Cologne Review

My latest review will be Energise by Hugo Boss, which I recently received a sample vial of and hadn’t yet given it much of a try. I have already reviewed Boss Bottled No. 6 and Hugo Red, which I recommend trying out and wanted to see if this one could find a place in my rotation. ¬†How did Energise perform? What does it smell like? Is it worth a purchase? Please continue below for my full impression of this cologne.





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Notes include: mandarin, cocoa beans, freesia, pink pepper, kumquat, coriander, and more

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I have a pretty solid amount of respect for Hugo Boss fragrances, so when I got a hold of a sample of this cologne, I was excited to try it. With a name like Energise, I figured it’d be a youthful and you know, energetic scent. Upon opening, I get a citrusy type of smell mixed with pink pepper which adds a hint of spiciness. Also, the cocoa beans are faint, but I’m pretty sure I’m detecting them for an added layer of smoothness.

Honestly, the opening is just so bland to me. It’s not a bad smell but it does seem really flat and uninspiring. I have no idea where they were trying to take this one. On the one hand, it is a rather unique type of scent just based on the ingredients…BUT there’s nothing really there to make it pop. Just a semi-sweet blend of citrus and pink pepper.

There wasn’t too much of a drydown period with Energise either, as it doesn’t hold for very long. While the projection is moderate, it only seems to last a few hours. I suppose that this was meant to be a casual scent, since it certainly isn’t romantic, energizing, or seductive in any way.

Overall, I’m just confused by this cologne. What’s its purpose? Performance is subpar and it is totally average while it does work. I can’t recommend Energise when there are so many others out there that are much better, including from Hugo Boss.