I Love New York for Her by Bond No. 9 Perfume Review

In this last batch of samples, I received a bunch of samples of Bond No. 9 fragrances, from their line of I Love New York scents that came out 5+ years back. While I’ve only done a couple of reviews from this brand on the site thus far, I do intend to try to get through the entire collection at some point. Today’s entry is I Love New York for Her, which is a gourmand perfume for ladies and is generally well regarded as a scent. As always, continue reading below for my full thoughts and impressions of this perfume.



I love new york for her

Notes include: blueberry, patchouli, vanilla, peony, musk, rose, sandalwood

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The initial blast of I Love New York for her is a blend of blueberry and patchouli. It is sweet and fruity but the patchouli note comes on too strong at first for my tastes. This is a gourmand fragrance that is supposed to invoke images of sweet pastries and I think that it succeeds on this front. After the first few minutes, it does begin to take on more of a blueberry muffin kind of smell with a layer of vanilla and peony which gives it a floral spirit.

While I’m not too big of a patchouli fan, I actually like it somewhat here, especially once it calms down a bit. It gives I Love NY for Her a more mature character and doesn’t let it fall too far into the ‘teeny’ sweet gourmand category of scents. That being said, it isn’t too stuffy and is actually quite a playful perfume, with its bakery motif.

Projection wise, this stuff is fairly strong. I sprayed a few times on a sweater and could smell it from 9-10 feet away for hours on end. That being said, I don’t think it’s overpowering but it is a performer. I would dare say that one should be able to get 8+ hours out of this perfume, every wear…that’s been my experience with it.

I Love New York for Her is a fun and casual scent in my opinion. It isn’t really sexy but it is oddly appealing, I mean, blueberry muffin is naturally attractive, right? This will also function best during the cooler months of the year and I imagine it’d get kind of weird in the heat of the summer.

Overall, is I Love New York for Her worth a purchase? Depends. It is a unique scent and also performs very well. It strikes me more of a niche kind of scent…if you like blueberry, patchouli, and pastries…then this might be a go to scent or you. However, it also is quite pricey, since it is Bond No. 9 but a full bottle might be worth the investment.