Interlude Man by Amouage Cologne Review

I’m still working my way through all of my Amouage samples. I have to say that I find most of them, not to be my style at all though, I respect the craftsmanship that goes into making each of them. Today’s entry, is not exception for not being aligned with my tastes, but being a complete workhorse in terms of performance…Interlude Man. Please continue below for my full take, how it smells, performs, etc.


Notes include: incense, myrrh, amber, oud, leather, oregano, bergamot, and more

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On the back of my sample sprayer’s packaging it says that Interlude, “Inspired by chaos and disorder”. I guess they’ve achieved that, because I don’t always know what exactly to make of this fragrance. From the start, it is heavy and bold. It has a very dry, smoky, and incense laden aroma but mixed with myrrh and oud. While this scent has it’s own thing going on, I am reminded of Man Amber and Sahara Noir by Tom Ford, which is a ladies’ scent. I didn’t love either one of those fragrances and so I can tell that Interlude Man probably isn’t my cup of tea, either.

It’s warm, spicy, smokey, and amber with hints of freshness. It definitely has an herbal aspect to it (the oregano?) and the lingering scent of oud (which I detest). As it dries down, Interlude reveals a sweeter side but I found it to be almost sickly, to the point that I really didn’t want to smell the stuff anymore.

I’ve come across a few scents like this one: that I can recognize that it was well made, that many people will like it, but I cannot personally stand wearing it. It does nothing for me and feels like another oriental fragrance that would need to be tempered by something else for me to enjoy, like the vanilla in Opium Pour Homme.

Projection and longevity wise, Interlude Man is an absolute beast. It’s really heavy and loud and lasts seemingly forever. Amouage didn’t cut any corners when formulating this one. I guess it would be more of a winter scent than anything else, as I can’t imagine wearing something like this cologne in the summer heat.

Overall, is Interlude worth it? It’s a love or hate type of scent and I fall on the hate side. It’s not for me and I couldn’t wait to get it off my skin (but I wore it all day for purposes of this review). Some people apparently love this kind of aroma. Maybe you’d fall into that camp, if you like bold and exotic scents. For the average guy out there? I doubt that this would find a place in your rotation. Besides the heavy price, the scent itself is highly niche.