Intimately Beckham Men’s Cologne Review

I have already reviewed a few fragrances from the David Beckham line of men’s colognes (The Essence and Instinct) and thought that I’d tackle another one of the popular scents, Intimately Beckham. I want to take a closer look to answer some questions as to its particular scent and performance during wear. This is another really affordable everyday cologne but is it worth a purchase?






Notes include: Amber, sandalwood, cardamom, grapefruit, star anise, nutmeg, violet


Intimately Beckham is a bit of a change up from the two scents that I previously reviewed. It is a play between sweet and spicy but not in a heavy way, it is more of a refreshing spice and not overwhelming. The opening is fairly woodsy/earthy from the violet, sandalwood, cardamom, and of course the nutmeg note which highlights this cologne’s start. I’m honestly not too big of a fan of the opening 10-15 minutes of this fragrance, it’s kind of weird and synthetic to me but I think that it develops pretty well from there.

When it finally does develop, I get a total late autumn to winter wear vibe from this scent. It would probably be awful to wear outside on a hot day, as it’d just become an overheated mess. On the other hand, when used in its element, Intimately Beckham provides a warm amber and slightly powdery aroma that vaguely reminds me of a lower grade version of The One by D&G.

Intimately Beckham actually projects itself better than Instinct in my opinion. It does seem to have more strength although like Instinct, doesn’t s have the type of longevity I want out of a cologne. It’s safe and non offensive and does smell very pleasant for casual wear on the cooler days of the year.

Overall, this fragrance does smell good but it isn’t a standout must have. For the price, it isn’t a terrible buy but it won’t set you apart much from the crowd. It is attractive and the people around you will probably like it while it lasts. If it were more expensive, I’d say no but at this price point, I don’t think it’s a bad buy at all.