Invictus Cologne Review: Another Summertime Winner?

Paco Rabanne ‘s most famous fragrance is 1 Million, which comes displayed in a gold ingot bottle. However, 1 Million is not this design house’s only great scent. Invictus is another great fragrance choice for guys who like something that is fresh and sporty. This one also comes in a great and interesting bottle but I want to focus this review on what’s inside of that container…since that’s what counts, isn’t it?


Notes include: grapefruit, sea notes, mandarin orange, bay leaf, jasmine


There are many scents on the market, which are just all together boring or flat. Sometimes, as men, we need to switch it up and add something with a bit of flair and energy to it. Invictus is a scent which I feel does just that.  What I like about the opening note is how the citrusy/fruity notes captivate the senses and locks people’s attention solely on you. That isn’t to say that this is a loud or obnoxious fragrance but it does emanate a certain confidence.

I do think that this cologne would appeal more to the younger man (let’s say college age to early 30s) and it is for sure one that captures the attention of girls. Invictus is another great option for summertime wear and even into the fall months. It projects well without being overbearing (unless you put on too much but what cologne doesn’t?) and it is a scent which will last for a good amount of time. In fact, I could smell remnants of it on my shirt for a few days after I wore it. On the skin, it gets about 6-7 hours, and sometimes a bit more.

The downside to this cologne? Well, if you’re one who is really into having the most complex and unique scents ever then you might one to skip this one. However, if you are a young guy and just want to smell good and have a scent that can work well for any occasion then Invictus is a very good choice. It is a moderately priced cologne that will leave the wearer feeling clean and fresh, all day long.