Invictus Intense by Paco Rabanne Cologne Review

More samples have been acquired and thus more reviews will be on the way. One such entry, is a 2016 release from Paco Rabanne and a flanker to the original Invictus. Invictus Intense takes the original and attempts to ratchet the power up and give the cologne a new experience. How does it rate? Does it last? Continue reading below for my full review of Invictus Intense.


Notes include: orange blossom, black pepper, malt accord, wood, black amber, ambergris

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The opening of Invictus Intense seems less sweet than the original. There is an immediate sensation of a warm amber note with a salty marine element hanging around. It definitely takes the Invictus name in a new direction, it feels darker, and has a boozy quality provided by the malt accord (think whiskey). After a few minutes of settling on my skin, the orange blossom emerges which provides a softer sweetness that is reminiscent of the original Invictus.

Intense maintains the freshness of the original but does away with the citrus notes. I always find it interesting how these brand’s change notes around or eliminate them entire while still maintaining the overall essence of the original scent. As it moves along, Intense becomes more of a darker floral (almost unisex) fragrance with woody notes plus black pepper and the ultimate takeover of the composition by the ambergris. The sweetness in Intense is almost muted with how restrained it is when compared to the original Invictus.

As a whole, Invictus Intense delivers a warm, slighty spicy, and fresh mix of mostly amber and floral notes. The malt, wood, and black pepper play a supporting role in balancing it out and preventing it from becoming a ‘women’s’ scent.  Though, at its heart, you can still sense the spirit of the original.

Projection wise, I’d say it’s somewhere between moderate and mildly strong. You can obviously overdo the sprays with it but it isn’t super pungent. It’s kind of funny how this ‘Intense’ version of Invictus is still weaker than the regular 1 Million also by Paco Rabanne. Longevity is also really good but not great, think I’m getting about 7-8 hours with it, at a still solid projection. Plus, maybe a few more hours as a close skin scent.

One nice aspect about Invictus Intense is how versatile it is. It’s so balanced and can seemingly be worn in any season and not feel out of place. While I cannot test it in the high heat of summer in the middle of October, I think it would hold up nicely. It also can be worn casually or out on the town or out on a date. Intense is quite pleasant and has a certain sexiness to it that girls should love. It still feels like a younger man’s cologne but less so than the original.

Overall, is Invictus Intense worth a buy? I honestly like it. If you hated the original, I highly doubt you’ll like this one, so go ahead and skip over it. It’s not an amazing scent, in my opinion, BUT I think that it is quite good. It doesn’t do a bad job at anything, has a nice aroma, and has great versatility. For the price, one could do a lot worse, and I would lean towards wearing Intense over the original Invictus.