Top Smelling Perfumes by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has been a major star over the past two decades or so in both music and movies. While she has enjoyed massive success in these areas, J-Lo has also managed to break into the world of fashion as well. One of her greatest business successes, has been her line of women’s fragrances that have been immensely popular for well over ten years now. Quite simply, she and her partners put out great smelling perfumes at very affordable prices, which is usually a winning formula. For this post, I have selected five of these scents from Jennifer Lopez which I consider to be the best of the bunch. I have linked each one to its page on for more information, reviews, and ease of purchase.

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Best J-Lo Fragrances for Women

Live– Live is a sweet, light, and fresh scent for casual wear. For those on a budget, this perfume delivers a beautiful and long-lasting scent at an inexpensive price. Notes include: Orange, Sicilian Lemon, Redcurrant, Violet, Peony, Tonka Bean, Caramel, Sandalwood, Pineapple. Current 1 oz price: $15.99

live j-lo

Still– This is a soft and elegant floral perfume, that is never loud yet manages to be seductive. Notes include: Orange Blossoms, roses, jasmine. Current 3.4 oz price: $27.99 


Glow– A subtle and clean blend of fruits and florals. Glow is a good everyday wearer for women who want to smell good but don’t want to be overbearing about it. Notes include: Amber, vanilla, fruits, and floral. Current 1.7 oz price: $21.99


Blue Glow– Blue Glow is more of an aquatic perfume that is blended with floral and a few woodsy notes. Blue Glow is a subtle perfume yet rich in its aroma and presentation. Notes include: vintage rose, Valencia orange, redcurrant blossom, cedar, tonka bean, shimmering water accord, mangosteen, mahogany wood, floral note, water lily, vanilla orchid. Current 3.4 oz price: $25.99

blue glow

Live Luxe– Probably the most underrated and possibly one of the best perfumes (depending on your taste) by Jennifer Lopez. A warm and casual fragrance that is complex and energetic and will never be confused with ‘old lady’ perfume. Great stuff. Notes include:Peach, Juicy Pear, Muguet Petals, Soft Amber, Diamond Musk, Amethyst Freesia. Current 1.7 oz price: $20.99

live luxe