Just Me by Paris Hilton Review: Cheaper Alternative to Acqua Di Gio?

Paris Hilton has enjoyed lots of success lending her name to a line of fragrances. Originally, the line was for women’s perfumes before she expanded into male fragrances. One of the colognes is pretty nice, while another one is pretty terrible, so going into trying out Just MeI was rather unsure as to what I would get exactly. As a pretty inexpensive cologne, it could go either way as to the quality of the product. Is it worth the price? Let us take a closer look.


just me

Notes include: Amber, Lime,  Tangerine, Grass, Clary Sage, Black Currant, Musk, Incense, Lotus, Woods, Moss, Patchouli, Sea Breeze, Clove

Current 1.7 oz price: $20.99

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The first thing I want to note about this fragrance is the strong alcohol opening. Seriously, it seems to need a few minutes to settle down and get going, but those first few aren’t the best. Secondly, holy hell this cologne is very very similar to Acqua Di Gio. Is this Designer Imposters at work?

The citrus notes give it a warm and fruity air to it while notes such as incense add a layer of spice to it. I think that Just Me has a bit more spice to it than the Armani fragrance. That difference in the spice level, seems to be the only noticeable difference between the two scents. Also, the quality of the notes is better in Acqua Di Gio, it just smells classier. However, if price is an issue Just Me is a legit alternative if you must have something that smells similar.

As far as its longevity, Just Me seems to be average or slightly above average in that department. It will last long enough to get through a work day or most other occasions, so that is a definite plus. It also projects rather well and is overall a good performer. Just Me is a decent fragrance if you want something that is like the Armani cologne, I just think there are much better options around the same price as this one.