La Nuit de L’Homme Eau Electrique by YSL Cologne Review

On my way out of El Prat airport, I once again stopped into a duty free shop to explore the fragrance selection, and came across a newer offering from Yves Saint Laurent…La Nuit de L’Homme Eau Electrique. The blue color and the name caught my eye, so I figured that I would try this one out and wear it on the flight home. In this post, I am going to give my initial impressions and opinions about this cologne after a single wear.



Notes include: cedar, vanilla, tonka bean, cashmere, vetiver, lavender, apple, geranium, bergamot

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OK, so, going into this test I had zero expectations or notions about Electrique. In fact, I’d never even heard of it. I think that’s the best way to do a review of this sort, since my mind won’t be clouded by what I ‘wanted’ the cologne to be, and can simply judge it based on merit. I sprayed this one twice on my arm about an hour or so before my transatlantic flight back to the US from Spain.

It initially struck me as smooth with a creamy/powdery offering of tonka bean with a woody base and some fruit thrown in to boot. Electrique was really fresh and drew me in from the very jump and I could smell it on me as I walked to my boarding gate. That’s a very simple test of whether or not I think something is worth my while, is it an enjoyable addition to the background of my everyday life? For Electrique, I vote that yes, it is.

The notes in Electrique have some overlap with Versace Eros, but, I think they are two different fragrances and the similarities aren’t that noticeable. Eros is a much louder and has more of a fruity aroma than does Electrique, though, the tonka bean and apple notes are shared. Electrique is understated and while it has some sweet elements, it never becomes overbearing. I think the prevalence of the cashmere was a nice touch and gives Electrique some more separation from the original La Nuit.

Projection wise, Electrique was good during my one off test. It was noticeable during the wear and even kind of heavy at first. It isn’t a complete beast or anything but it is getting close to crossing that line. I got 7-8 hours of use out of it. The last few hours it was more of a skin scent. However, I can’t really say for certain how it will perform with just one wear but it seems legit enough.

Electrique is more suited toward cold weather wear. It worked fine in an air conditioned environment but I’m not sure that’ll hold up in the heat. It does seem to have some versatility as both a casual fragrance and one which will work as a date night type of cologne.

Overall, is La Nuit de L’Home Eau Electrique worth a buy? I actually really liked wearing this fragrance. It’s nothing Earth shattering but it is very good. It gives good performance and has a very attractive scent with a tangential relation to the original La Nuit. Electrique is a smooth and fresh fragrance with a powdery finish and a woody heart. It’s not super outstanding or ‘special’ but it is really damn nice.