Lacoste Essential Men’s Cologne Rating and Review

When I think of Lacoste, I think of crisp and clean both in terms of the scents that they produce, as well as the clothing the make. The company with the famous little gator logo, is towards the higher end of things but not towards the more extreme price points of Creed and other design houses. Lacoste is sort of a high end moderate in that regard. In this post, I want to take a closer look at Lacoste Essential and help determine whether or not it is a fragrance which should be considered for purchase. Also, check out my Best Lacoste Colognes post for further options.



Notes include: sandalwood, citrus, black currant, black pepper, cassia, rose, tomato leaf

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lacoste essential

Lacoste Essential opens with a sweet, green, and slightly synthetic scent that is quite pleasant. It’s kind of hard to detect exactly which note is the most prominent, as they all sort of melt together into a fresh but indistinguishable scent. The citrus notes, bergamot, and tangerine, do leave an impression on me but nothing is all that dominate in this mix.

What I think makes Essential unique from other mass marketed colognes is the inclusion of cassia and tomato leaf that gives it a sweetly green mix. Also, since the citrus isn’t overwhelming it gives these other notes (along with peppery spice) a bit of a chance to present themselves once it dries down.

This fragrance isn’t rich, heavy, or all that complex. It is fresh, clean, and has a soapy quality found in other scents such as Eternity. This is a good thing in many respects, as the simplicity seems to make it hold up well during these warmer months of the year. It is light and perfect as a daily cologne during the spring/summer.

Now, projection wise it isn’t a beast but it isn’t totally weak either. Lacoste Essential also isn’t an amazing long-lasting performer either, I get 6 hours on average of solid wear and maybe more, depending on the circumstances.

Is Essential worth a buy? That depends. It is an above average scent and if you need a casual, daily wear fragrance during the warmer months, this might be your go to. However, if you’ve got that covered, you could definitely skip it since you aren’t missing out on anything amazing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice scent, but it won’t blow anyone away.