Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne Review

There are so many options when it comes to buying men’s colognes that there are some fragrances which get overlooked. Others, such as, Acqua Di Gio are perennial best-sellers and it seems worn almost universally. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is in the latter category, it is a consistent best selling cologne, and widely recognized as one which smells fantastic. In this post, I want to share my thoughts and experiences with this Jean Paul Gaultier scent and find out if it is really worth all the hype?


jean paul

Notes include:  orange blossom, mint, lavender, woods, vanilla, tonka bean, cinnamon, and more


The opening of Le Male is noticeably geared towards the vanilla note. I for one, really enjoy vanilla based fragrances, such as this and Opium by YSL because it adds a certain smoothness to the presentation. While Opium goes for a smoky and exotic kind of spice, Le Male is more of a fresh and woodsy type of scent. Beyond the vanilla note, the mint and the lavender are also quite tangible and give this cologne an additional warmth and smoothness.

I think that this is such a popular cologne because of the fresh and clean aroma that it gives off. It is a fairly safe scent, which can be worn just about anywhere and it isn’t overpowering either. Le Male is good at what it does, which is provide a nice scent, versatility, good projection and longevity, and still manages to be quite sexy and alluring to the opposite sex.

While we’re on the subject of projection and longevity, this is a pretty good fragrance in terms of both. Longevity wise, I usually get 6+ hours of use out of it, which while not spectacular, is usually enough for most daily purposes. The projection of would rate as moderate but it is certainly not weak in my opinion either. Also, Le Male does strike me as a bit synthetic smelling overall, but again, I do enjoy this fragrance.

Overall, I would say Le Male is a great choice for a wintertime fragrance or even during the cooler days of Fall. That’s when this cologne performs at its best. It is a basic and fairly inexpensive scent for guys to try out and maybe develop into a daily wear. It’s not something that will make you stand out as unique, and maybe that’s a good thing for some guys. However, it won’t have most people around you hating you for wearing it either and a ton of people will simply find it appealing…and that’s sometimes all we need from a scent.