L’eau D’Issey Cologne Review: Issey Miyake

When I wrote the post about the 20 Best Selling Men’s Colognes, one of the fragrances which made the list was L’eau D’Issey from Japanese designer Issey Miyake. For a cologne which has been on the market since 1994, still being in the top sellers is quite an accomplishment. Why all the fuss? Quite simply because it smells good. L’eau D’Issey is a cologne which I have had on my night stand for the past few years and one that I like to break out in the spring and summer months especially but it works year round.

issey miyake


L’eau D’Issay Notes:

citrus, spice, musk, amber, and woods

The first thing one notices after spraying L’eau D’Issey on your skin is the way the citrus notes blend with the spice. That is my least favorite part of this fragrance, is its initial offering. Some people really enjoy it but it’s just meh to me. However, once the cologne begins to settle and fully reveal itself, that’s when the true magic of Issey Miyake starts.

It become a light citrus based fragrance and then the woody notes start to play and subdue the spice a bit. It’s not a heavy cologne. but, all I usually require is one or maybe two sprays max to achieve the desired effect.

What I really enjoy about this cologne is its versatility. To me, it works during any season, even if I prefer others specifically for the winter. However, since I live in a humid region, I need a fragrance which will hold up in the spring and summer months, and Issey Miyake has proven itself capable.

Also, this is a fragrance that can be worn at work or at school or for a night on the town. It’s designed as a more casual every day kind of fragrance but it definitely draws women closer. I’ve gotten too many complements on this one to keep track of and it’s honestly not even my favorite cologne. But since it seems to work, I can’t complain.

Overall, L’eau D’Issey is a good buy because it’s not too expensive, it’s versatile, and seems to always draw complements. There are others which I think smell better but there are few which have as many strengths.