L’Eau D’Issey Nuit Pour Homme Review

The original scent from Issey Miyake, L’eau D’Issey has enjoyed popularity for roughly 20 years since its release. Since I enjoy that fragrance and it has a place in my rotation of scents, I thought that I would perhaps enjoy another version. I bought a sample vial of Nuit D’Issey to see if this one had the potential to land a spot on my dresser full of fragrances. Did it make the cut? Well, no, it didn’t. Actually, I was pretty disappointed with its whole presentation and thought that I would write a review for the site based on my experience with this cologne.



Notes include: bergamot, grapefruit, leather, wood, vetiver

Current 4.2 oz price: $65.33


I have to say that my recent run of sample fragrances were a major let down. I didn’t find one scent that I would consider purchasing a larger bottle of and Nuit D’Issey is no exception. My first impression was, “Great, another bug spray type fragrance.” This came after I tried my sample of Versace Oud Noir, which was just awful in my opinion. Nuit D’Issey is better than Oud Noir but still not something I could wear.

Honestly, I don’t get the citrus note in this one at all. I don’t smell any grapefruit, just a really strong blend of pepper and leather. It’s odd, I really enjoy leathery fragrances, even a mass market one like Dirty English and also like spicy/peppery scents like Burberry London and Opium by YSL. Nuit is just way too much and has a bitter and very synthetic quality to it.

While the scent does calm down quite a bit after a few hours of wear, the opening is too harsh and overboard for my senses. It does get better as time passes and the drydown isn’t as horrid, but still, I cannot get through it. The scent is really unpleasant to me and with so many other better options, I have no desire to wait for a mediocre drydown.

I think that some guys might like this fragrance. It’s more masculine and outdoorsy than a lot of popular scents but quite frankly I don’t find it very good at all. I accidentally sprayed some Nuit on my desk and couldn’t scrub it off fast enough. I’d say stick with the original Issey Miyake, it’s much better.