Legend by Mont Blanc Cologne Review

Mont Blanc Legend is a pretty popular cologne and for very good reason, it smells good to almost everyone. The fragrance is featured in a black and metallic bottle which could be characterized as minimalist in style but I’ll tell you looks really damn cool. ¬†Introduced in 2011, this scent has quickly become a hit due to its versatility and universal wear-ability among all different types of men. While it isn’t some off the wall or highly unique scent, it is a very pleasant one, which I will now take a closer look at in this post.


Notes include: Bergamot, Pineapple Leaf, Sandalwood And Tonka Bean.

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While there is a pineapple note within Legend, I don’t get the same type of strong opening like I would from another pineapple note such as Creed’s Aventus. The note is definitely in there, it is just that it doesn’t stand out as much. What I do notice in the opening, is how utterly crisp and fresh smelling Legend is. This cologne has a very clean scent and doesn’t seem thick or heavy in the air as some other colognes might.

Legend is a very versatile fragrance in that it can be worn almost year round and to any type of event or environment. I think that it would be best in the spring or summer months but I wouldn’t be opposed to wearing it during the autumn or even on certain wintry days. This isn’t a cologne that will overpower the room, but is one which will grab some attention because its clean scent is also a seductive one. The opening then transitions into something sweeter but still manly, which I think is the reason it gets complemented by women.

Legend while containing fruity notes is a masculine scent which is probably best suited for younger guys who are in their 20s, though I wouldn’t exclusively pigeonhole it as such. This isn’t really a ‘unique’ scent, in that, there are others which smell similar but it is one that stands out from the crowd a bit. It has a moderate longevity, which is my only real complaint about this cologne, if it lasted longer it’d be on my list of definite everyday wears but it isn’t completely weak either like Artisan. ¬†Honestly, the longevity is just okay. Overall, I’d say that Legend is a buy, I would just get a small bottle of it though because I prefer something that is longer lasting but I for sure dig the scent.