L’Homme Ideal Cologne by Guerlain Review

Okay, so, I have already reviewed L’Homme Ideal by Guerlain on this site. However, Guerlain created a flanker fragrance, and added the word ‘cologne’ to it. This was a really dumb way to name the fragrances because if you don’t know any better, you might think that these are the same fragrances…they are not. The subject of this review, L’Homme Ideal Cologne, while being based off of the original is wholly a different scent and the fact that Guerlain also put it in a very similar bottle is quite baffling to me. Like, didn’t you want people to know they are two separate scents? Anyways, please continue below for my full take on this confusingly-named cologne.


Notes include: grapefruit, bergamot, orange, almond, musk, pink pepper, musk, neroli

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The opening of Ideal Cologne is an excellent blast of the citrus notes that makes up the composition. Mostly, it’s grapefruit and orange but I can also detect of bergamot. Really, I find it to be very attractive at the start, I love the citrus notes in this fragrance. Now, the almond note is also there, and is the main attraction in the original L’Homme Ideal but this is an entirely different scent from that one (which is also a great fragrance). This is more of a summery citrus based fragrance while the original is more of a sweet masculine scent for the colder months of the year.

About 15-20 minutes after spraying on my skin, the almond and vetiver notes become much more prominent. Man, it becomes such a smooth and pleasant scent to wear. The citrus notes feel quite ‘cool’ and light, almost like a frozen drink, and then the almond and vetiver give it a bit more substance as it wears on. Thankfully, the musk note in here isn’t overpowering and provides a nice touch. It screams freshness with that sort of zesty energy found with citrus.

Projection wise, Ideal Cologne isn’t a big hitter, and really doesn’t need to be. This is a light fragrance that doesn’t hit you over the head, rather, it lingers throughout the day. It’s longevity is better than the original fragrance. With this I can hit 8 hours or more of good performance. Again, it’s not a powerful scent but it will stick around for a while.

For me, this is spring/summer all the way. While I completely dig L’Homme Ideal, I felt that it’s performance wasn’t totally up to snuff, and I have too many other options in the colder months. However, with Ideal Cologne, I get a very reasonable option for when it’s warm outside, nice performance, and a scent that is versatile. I could wear this casually or out on a date and feel like it would work well. It’s attractive in the sense that you want to smell it, but not necessarily a ‘sexy’ fragrance…it kind of skirts that line.

Overall, would I recommend L’Homme Ideal Cologne? Yes. I think it’s a really good cologne all around. Not the best thing ever, granted, but still a great wear that is still affordable. From what I’ve seen you can pick up a nice sized bottle for under $40, at most places online. I’m quite impressed by this and will probably pick up a full bottle for myself at some point.