Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana Ladies Perfume Review

Here in my latest batch of reviews on this site, I wanted to tackle another ladies’ fragrance, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. This has been one of the most popular perfumes for women for over a decade now and I wanted to see just what it is about this scent that keeps demand so high. In this post, I give my impressions on its opening, its dry down, how it smells, its longevity, and my overall feelings about this fragrance.


Light Blue by D&G Perfume for women

Notes include: rose, apple, musk, lemon, jasmine, and more

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The opening of Light Blue is a bright citrus affair, which is held together by the lemon and apple notes.  I also distinctly noticed the rose note, that gave it a slight floral take on the predominantly citrus open. It is a very crisp and refreshing scent at first and I can see why this is such a popular choice in the summertime. Light Blue doesn’t come on too strong or pungent in my opinion, however, it isn’t completely weak either.

When it dries down, I feel that Light Blue loses some of its charm. It seems to become a more earthy/floral/woodsy scent, although the lemon doesn’t fade away. It is still light and clean but just doesn’t feel as beautiful as it does during the opening and the apple note is almost completely gone. That said, it is still a perfume which smells quite good, just not as much as it does at first.

Projection wise, it’s not a beast, as the name ‘Light Blue” suggests. However, it is still quite noticeable and it for sure didn’t become just a skin scent when I tested it out. In terms of longevity, this fragrance just keeps going, which you sometimes don’t expect from something that isn’t a heavy perfume. I would say that this is best for the spring/summer months but I’m not sure how it would hold up in heat.

Overall, Light Blue is a safe casual wear perfume that is clean and inoffensive. It doesn’t require more than a few sprays to do its job. I wouldn’t really call this an evening wear or romantic fragrance but it is one that can be worn to school or the office by ladies of any age group.  Another solid option and perhaps even more versatile is Bright Crystal by Versace.