Lucky You by Lucky Brand Men’s Cologne Review

I’ve done literally hundreds of fragrance reviews on this site from the very expensive to the completely cheap. It can be tough to compare the top shelf stuff to the inexpensive wearers because frankly they’re not the same thing. As such, I tend to grade the inexpensive colognes on a different scale, so to speak. They are there for everyday wear, to smell good, and to have decent enough performance…if they pass those hurdles and it fits your style, then they are usually a decent buy because you don’t have to break the bank to acquire them. Today I’d like to take a closer look at Lucky You under the Lucky Brand label and under the Liz Claiborne umbrella, which is usually available for under $15 a bottle.



Notes include: tamarind, bamboo, cardamom, cotton flower, musk, sandalwood

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During the opening of Lucky You, I really have a hard time detecting exactly what the notes are supposed to be.  It’s green, fresh, somewhat soapy, and has its own distinct aroma. Looking at the ingredients, I can tell why it can be difficult, as most of those notes aren’t everyday smells. After a few minutes, I definitely start getting the musk note, which isn’t heavy but does give this cologne some character. The opening does come on pretty strong, even if Lucky You is overall pretty mild. There’s really green almost grassy note supported by a base of various woods, which while making it interesting, might scare some folks off initially.

Since this is a Liz Claiborne creation, I compare it to scents such as Curve or Bora Bora or Mambo.  Out of the four, Curve is still the best smelling, in my mind. However, I think I’d put Lucky You as a secondary candidate, it has its own unique thing going on while still being attractive. It isn’t any type of grand creation that will blow you away, it’s pretty synthetic smelling, but there is a definite appeal here.

Projection wise, Lucky You isn’t strong outside of the first few minutes. Also, the longevity is pretty weak also, one will need more sprays than usual to get anything more than a few hours with this. It’s best served as a casual fragrance for younger guys (think teens to mid 20s) and since it is so inexpensive, it fits naturally into that demographic. This isn’t a date night or club wear, though…it’s an everyday, casual school/work type of scent.

Overall, is Lucky You worth a buy? If you fit into the demographic and need something really inexpensive to wear on a daily basis, I might give it a try. It doesn’t really fit with me so I’ll pass. I also think that there are much better smelling scent for cheap (as I’ve documented here and here) but I won’t say this is a bad buy. Lucky You is pretty good, although it’s longevity leaves much to be desired.