Mambo by Liz Claiborne Cologne Review

I have already completed my list of the best Liz Claiborne fragrances for guys and on that list was the scent, Mambo. As such, I thought that it’d only be appropriate to do a review on this cologne and post it along side of the list. This is the last review of the most recent batch of samples that I received, so I will have to get another order in and keep on posting more fragrance ratings.



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Notes include: lime, bergamot, thyme, cedar, cinnamon leaf, sandalwood, sage, lavender, patchouli

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Mambo is another inexpensive selection from Liz Claiborne and it is among the best from that brand’s line of scents. I like Mambo better than Bora Bora, but in my opinion it isn’t as good as the staple, Curve. Mambo has a certain exotic energy to it that makes it a pleasant wear, especially at such a cheap price point. It is sweet and has a soapy quality that gives it a clean and expressive scent.

I tend to notice the smooth sweetness of the sandalwood and lavender as it blends with the lime and bergamot notes, which give it a non-sour citrus kick. It’s kind of a floral cologne that is supported by citrus notes and made more masculine by the woodsy notes such as cedar. Mambo is a very warm type of scent that has a noticeable Latin influence with its exotic spice.

Longevity wise, Mambo does a really good job at making it through the day. Usually, I have gotten over 6 hours of wear without any problem and often 8-9. So, it really brings the value in that regard. Also, it is a well-projecting cologne and not overwhelming at all. It can be worn in casual settings but also during a night out. I’m not sure that it has a particular season of wear, I don’t think it feels right in the winter but I don’t know that it would hold up during a really hot summer day either. Maybe, best on a more moderate day.

Overall, I would say Mambo is worth a try for guys on a budget. It’s not an earth-shattering scent but it performs well and is an attractive cologne. For the price, one could try it out and use it as a daily wear or on certain occasions when you didn’t want to use your more expensive stuff. Mambo is by no means one of my favorites, but I think that it has its place in some guys’ rotation.