Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren Perfume Review

Getting back into the fragrance reviews, I want to do another one in the world of female fragrances. This is a more recent addition to the Ralph Lauren family, released in 2014, and a flanker to the original Romance. Midnight Romance is of the fruity/floral variety of perfumes and I was interested to see how this one performs. As usual, I am going to cover how it smells, projects, how long it lasts, when it should be worn, and whether or not I think that it is worth a purchase.


midnight romance

Notes include: peony, raspberry, vanilla, freesia, litchi, iris

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The opening blast of this EDP is a bright and colorful mix of mostly the raspberry and vanilla notes. The vanilla gives it a slight creaminess which I think adds character to this fragrance. The floral notes (mostly iris) begin to come on about 10 minutes in, in my experience, and settles it down from becoming too much of a sweet candy-like perfume but one that does still retain that sugary essence.

What I really like about this perfume is that it is a playful kind of aroma that doesn’t feel lifeless and dull to me. The raspberry creates a juicy profile that would work for casual days as well as romantic encounters. Midnight Romance doesn’t get too complex but I think that for what it is, it works very well.

The projection for this scent is pretty moderate. Honestly, it’s pretty good in that regard, not overbearing but not really a skin scent either. You’ll know it’s there but you definitely don’t need to overdo the sprays. In terms of longevity, I seem to get it to last in the 6-8 hour range, which is good enough for most purposes. Though, you may need to reapply in case you need a marathon wear for one day.

Midnight Romance strikes me as more of a spring scent and I really like it in the warm weather. However, I haven’t tested it in the high heat, so I’m not too sure how it’ll hold up in those temperatures. I feel like this would be a solid all around scent for either school or office but still sexy enough to use on a date. It is pretty damn appealing to my nose, as a guy.

Overall, is Midnight Romance worth a buy? I think so. It isn’t the most amazing scent ever but it seems to do almost everything well. The scent is attractive, it lasts, it projects, and it’s versatile. You might want to avoid if you’re not a fan of raspberry scents but if that’s your thing, then this Ralph Lauren perfume could be a great bet.