Mon Guerlain EDP Ladies Perfume Review

I bought a bottle of Ultra Male from Macy’s last week, as that cologne is about to be discontinued, and Macy’s sent along a bunch of sample fragrances in the box. Naturally, they were all perfumes for women…luckily, I own this website and do reviews, so it worked out. Anyways, one such sample was the 2017 release from Guerlain, Mon Guerlain, in an EDP spray. In this post, I am going to share my thoughts on how this perfume smells, performs, and whether or not it is worth a purchase.


Notes include: jasmine, vanilla, lavender, sandalwood, tonka bean

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The opening 15-20 minutes of Mon Guerlain reminds me of two other perfumes on the market, BonBon and Black Opium, both of which I enjoyed. Not to say that these three scents are the same, just seem to be in the same family of sweet, candy-like perfumes (at least at the start). Mon Guerlain has an aroma that is sort of similar to the caramel note in BonBon and it of course shares the vanilla note that is featured so prominently in Black Opium.

However, as this perfume progresses it loses some of its similarity with those two fragrances and becomes more of a vanilla/lavender combo. It is a fresh blend of floral notes with a smooth and inviting sweetness. As a man, I find this perfume to be really attractive, and kept wanting to smell it on my arm throughout the wear. Mon Guerlain is very feminine without being overpowering or bothersome and I enjoy the mix of jasmine and lavender.

Projection wise, it isn’t a heavy perfume at all. Mon Guerlain is very well blended and even tempered. This isn’t a bad thing, as it still lasts for a long time, pretty much all day. It’s by no means a weak performer, so one will get their money’s worth when using this scent.

Honestly, since it doesn’t stay that same warm gourmand fragrance throughout, as it is in the start, Mon Guerlain could be worn about any time except the high heat of summer. It might turn into a mess with that much heat bearing down on it, but it’s good to go any other time.

Another plus, it just how versatile of a scent this is. It is soft enough and attractive enough to be worn in an office or school type of environment. Meanwhile, that attractiveness is also quite sexy, and could be worn on a date. Now, is it a loud club type of scent? No, but I have to say, I would love smelling this on a woman.

Overall, would I recommend Mon Guerlain? Yes. I think it is a very well done fragrance from Guerlain. It smells great and performs quite well. If you’re not into vanilla or lavender, you’d do well to look elsewhere. This is a safe fragrance, in the sense that, it isn’t going to draw a lot of negative attention and enjoys a rather universal appeal. Mon Guerlain is a winner in my book.