Best Moschino Perfumes: Top Women’s Fragrances

Franco Moschino started his fashion line in the early 1980s and quickly established a reputation in the design world. As the years moved on, he ¬†expanded his line to include items such as fragrance. Moschino perfumes are not very pricey but they all seem to deliver in terms of quality and overall experience. For this list, I have selected five women’s scents which I feel are the cream of the crop. As always, I have linked each fragrance to its page on for ease of purchase.


Moschino Glamour– Plenty of woodsy notes give Glamour a solid and intriguing foundation but it is the orange and hibiscus notes that really shine through. Not too expensive and great for casual wear.


I Love Love– An energetic fragrance which starts out by displaying its fruity notes and then settles into something more soft and feminine. A great and clean smelling perfume that will get noticed.


Moschino– The original fragrance dating back to the late 1980s. A long lasting blend of florals, vanilla, and spice which gives it an exotic and special scent.


Funny!– As its name suggests, Funny is a light and playful perfume for ladies with a certain style and personality. Notes include pink pepper, amber, green tea, and peony among others. Very fresh and not overpowering.


Cheap and Chic– The name of the fragrance isn’t all that great but the contents certainly are. A sexy yet subtle floral perfume that is an excellent choice for daily wear.