Most Popular Men’s Colognes 2015: Top Selling Fragrances

Every year it seems that there are certain colognes for men which consistently sell extremely well and are always popular. There are sometimes new entrants which come along and get to the top for a year or two, but can’t really seem to stick around long-term. Having a list of the most popular scents for men is helpful for guys who are looking for something safe and enjoys a near universal appeal. It also makes it easier to give fragrance gifts, as these top sellers are pretty decent bets to be enjoyed by many different people. As always, I have linked out each of these colognes to their page on for more info and ease of purchase.


Acqua di Gio– Yes, objectively, this cologne does smell great. It is a good performer with universal appeal. However, it is worn by seemingly everybody, which is why it always resides on the best sellers’ lists. A very lovely fragrance but it won’t get you any points for originality. Read my full review here. Also, check out the list of the top Armani colognes.



Cool Water– I have been seeing and smelling this fragrance by Davidoff since I was a child. Plenty of men (mostly older gentleman) swear by it but it’s really never done much for me. I’m almost completely indifferent towards Cool Water. To me, it doesn’t smell bad but it isn’t all that great either.



Eternity by Calvin Klein– A long-time favorite from Calvin Klein. A subtle greens/floral blend with spicy notes that add an extra layer of intrigue. Here is the list of top CK fragrances



The One by D&G– Upon first smelling The One, I absolutely loved this fragrance. So I was hugely disappointed when I found out that it had terrible projection and staying power. It’s an amazing scent, that is sexy and masculine…but I can’t seem to get it to hold on my skin. Also, the best D&G fragrances for men.



Chrome by Azzaro– Another one that has been around for a long time, Chrome is a great inexpensive choice for guys. It is a moderate citrus based scent that is clean and appealing. Read my Chrome review



Light Blue by D&G– With notes such as mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot, rosemary, and others, Light Blue has managed to become another hot seller for Dolce & Gabbana. This is an everyday wear for a lot of guys around the world.

light blue men


Paul Sebastian– Paul Sebastian is a fragrance for an older gentleman and has been around since the late 1970s. It is a rich blend of floral, spicy, and woodsy notes that is subtle and sophisticated.

paul sebastian


1 Million by Paco Rabanne– Amazingly successful with the under 30 crowd, 1 Million is a fragrance that has no issues with projection or longevity. A sweeter fragrance which is probably best suited to the night life. Read my review. Also, top Paco Rabanne fragrances.

1 million


Drakkar Noir– I’m not too enthusiastic about Drakkar but it always seems to make the best sellers list, so other people apparently enjoy it. Drakkar Noir Review



L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake– A citrusy fragrance that also has a blend of spices to it which creatures something casual yet alluring. I find it to have good staying power when I wear it and good but not obnoxiously loud projection. Read my review here.



Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier– A famous scent known for its distinct bottle, Jean Paul Gaultier features notes of lavender, mint, orange blossom, and woody notes. A very clean, sensual, and masculine fragrance.

jean paul