Mr. Burberry by Burberry for Men Cologne Review

Mr. Burberry isn’t a cologne that I had tried out yet, so when I got a sample of it, I was hoping that it would be among the brand’s best efforts. This scent was released in 2014, which makes it one of the newer colognes from this line. It is a woodsy based fragrance with a citrus note provided by grapefruit. In this post, I want to give my impressions of Mr. Burberry after wearing, describe how it smells, performs, when it should be worn, and if it’s worth a purchase or not.


mr. burberry cologne

Notes include: tarragon, cedar, birch leaf, grapefruit, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver

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The opening of Mr. Burberry is a smooth blend of the grapefruit note along with some of the woods, notably the sandalwood and cedar. I can’t say that I’m blown away by the opening but I do find it pleasant and subtle on my skin. It has a slightly herbal tone to it that underlies the citrus and woodsy notes but again, Mr. Burberry never comes across as anything special, in my opinion.

That isn’t to say that this cologne smells bad, it definitely doesn’t. Mr. Burberry is very clean and crisp and feels like a more dressed up type of fragrance, that can also be worn casually. There is a hint of spice there, that is pretty much the only thing I find interesting about it. It just seems really generic and uneventful, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on your own personal style.

The projection is decent. You can get away with spraying a lot more of this stuff than some other entries. The longevity is also pretty good, this isn’t an all day and all night affair, but it’ll probably get through most of a work day. Mr. Burberry is an elegant type of scent so it will do well in those dressier situations as well as at work or school. It really isn’t offensive and is simply something that smells good/fresh. It does enjoy some versatility to0, as it seems like it could work in almost any season.

Overall, is Mr. Burberry a buy? For me, no. I actually like the way it smells and it is far better than that disaster known asĀ Burberry Weekend. There are just other Burberry colognes that I would rather wear. Plus, since the performance isn’t outstanding, it loses more of my potential interest. If I could snag a really cheap bottle of this stuff, I probably would wear it on some occasions, and enjoy doing so. It doesn’t stand out from the pack and that could be good or bad depending on your own tastes.