Nautica Voyage N-83 Men’s Cologne Review

So far on this site, I have reviewed a few colognes from Nautica, including Voyage and Nautica Blue. Today, though, I want to tackle a flanker fragrance of Voyage, Voyage N-83. Like other Nautica scents, this is another inexpensive option in the aquatic realm of men’s colognes. How does N-83 stack up against other options in this price range and is it worth it over something like the original Voyage or Blue? In this post, I want to give an overview of its contents, how it performs, and if it’s ultimately worth a buy.



Notes include: cardamom, petitgrain, mint, lavender, sandalwood, nutmeg, sea notes


N-83 opens with a noticeable blast from the ‘sea notes’, giving it a defined oceanic scent. To me it is less akin to the original Voyage and more along the lines of Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Martinique, not exactly the same, but the salty sea notes are comparable. The original Voyage has citrus fruit notes including orange, however, N-83 is a departure from that and instead opts to go with something that is fresh and clean with undertones of musk and smooth lavender.

N-83 is a pretty simple and straightforward fragrance, that’s not a bad thing, it’s not meant to be some rich complex formula…just an inexpensive scent that smells good. I think it delivers on that end. I think that this scent is a bit more masculine than Voyage with less fruit and seemingly more understated.

Projection wise, N-83 is completely moderate. This isn’t one that will fill up a room unless you went completely overboard with it. Longevity isn’t that great either. I think that is one area where it fails to live up to the original. 4-6 hours and it fades into a skin scent. It is good for casual wear or at the office, especially in the summer months, which is the case with pretty much any Nautica fragrance.

Overall, is N-83 worth a buy? You could definitely do a lot worse and for the price, it really is a solid pick. However, I think that Nautica has several better options in this price range, that will deliver the same if not much better results depending on your personal taste. It’s a nice, clean, soapy, type of scent but nothing special and there are better bets from the same brand.