Nautica Voyage vs Voyage N-83 Cologne Comparison

Now, that I have completed reviews for both Nautica Voyage and its N-83 flanker fragrance, I thought that I’d do a comparison post and lay out which cologne I think is better and why. Nautica specializes in aquatic themed scents and especially one’s that are great for the warmer weather months. In this post, I want to take a look at each cologne and determine which is the better candidate for purchase for most men and how each scent performs as a daily wear.


Nautica Voyage Tale of the Tape

Notes include: apple, musk, cedar, green leaf, amber, mimosa


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Try Nautica Voyage: Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz



Nautica Voyage N-83 Tale of the Tape

Notes include: cardamom, petitgrain, mint, lavender, sandalwood, nutmeg, sea notes

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The difference in the opening between Voyage and N-83 is a matter of the sea notes contained in N-83 and how it has less of a fruity quality. N-83 is much more oceanic/salty than Voyage, which while aquatic, is highlighted by citrus notes that seem rather juicy. Voyage is just much more noticeable and pleasant.

Edge: Voyage



N-83 has a tendency to be rather on the weak side, it isn’t completely a fade away in five minutes cologne but it isn’t strong either, and it has a limited range. Voyage isn’t super powerful but it is noticeable and projects pretty well.

Edge: Voyage



Again, Voyage takes the cake. N-83 has a tendency to fade and turn completely into a skin scent. Voyage holds up and performs well on a summer day. If it’s between the two, Voyage wins.

Edge: Voyage



Both of these are great casual fragrances that can be worn to work, school, or wherever. I wouldn’t put either as a date night cologne really, though Voyage would get the edge. Actually, N-83 is less intrusive, so it might actually serve as a slightly better office cologne.

Edge: Push


Overall Scent

N-83 is a good scent don’t get me wrong, it just pretty linear and not anything all that special. It has a nice and clean scent that is oceanic/soapy/smooth, especially from the lavender note. Voyage is an aquatic that has a great citrus aroma and has been a long time favorite and best seller. For the price, Voyage, is a great addition to anyone’s collection, while N-83 probably isn’t even one of the best Nautica colognes.

Winner: Voyage