Nautica Voyage vs Perry Ellis 360 Red Cologne Comparison

In today’s cologne comparison, I want to do a head to head match up between two of the most popular inexpensive fragrance options for men, Nautica Voyage and Perry Ellis 360 Red. As usual, I want to cover how each one smells, how it performs, when it should be worn, and declare a winner that will suit most guy’s in the market for one of these colognes. Please continue below to see how each of these scents stacks up.



Nautica Voyage Tale of the Tape

Notes include: apple, musk, cedar, green leaf, amber, mimosa


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Try Nautica Voyage: Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz


Perry Ellis 360 Red Tale of the Tape

Notes include: bergamot, cinnamon, lime, orange, lavender, spices


My Perry Ellis 360 Red Review

Click here to try: 360 Red by Perry Ellis for Men – 3.4 Ounce EDT Spray



Nautica Voyage opens with it’s fruity/citrus and aquatic blend of notes. It’s completely summertime in a bottle. The apple note is quite prevalent and it actually takes on an orange-like aroma. 360 Red also brings the citrus but it is more defined with bergamot, lemon, and actual orange ingredients. 360 Red is a lot more in your face from the start and can come off kind of intense or harsh, even. It does have a freshness about it but it is spicier and less smooth than Voyage.

Edge: Voyage



Voyage is a moderate fragrance and is towards the lighter side of things. 360 Red settles down from its opening into something that is much more moderate. However, it is on the stronger side of moderate and projects better than Voyage.

Edge: 360 Red



Voyage is no slouch in this department but it isn’t a beast either. I usually get around 7 hours of wear…not bad. 360 Red is a longevity beast, though. It is the type of fragrance that gives all day performance, which is one of the reasons it’s such a bargain at the price.

Edge: 360 Red



Both of these are casual colognes that are great for office wear, school, or other places. Neither are really all that ‘sexy’ or club/date night type of scents. Seasonally, both are best worn in the warmer months and neither of them are fall/winter colognes.

Edge: Push


Overall Scent

Both of these fragrances are great bargain buys. 360 Red gets a lot of respect for being so similar to Acqua di Gio but with more of a spice to it. It is also a better performer than Nautica Voyage, which is why it’ll get the edge here. Personally, if I want to wear something that smells like ADG, I’ll buy Acqua di Gio Profumo as I think that it smells the best out of all the options. There are lots of colognes that smell similar to ADG including 360 Red and Just Me by Paris Hilton (although, that’s the worst of the bunch).

Nautica Voyage is a very nice and linear aquatic fragrance for guys who want something inexpensive to wear. It is a perfectly valid option if you want to grab a bottle of that, if you don’t like the spiciness offered by 360 Red. Again, both are cheap, so it really won’t set you back if you want to purchase both. Voyage is under $20 for a large bottle, so if cost is the only factor…go with that. I only have a bottle of Voyage, at the moment, and won’t be buying another 360 Red because I frankly don’t need it when ADG Profumo is a better option in that category.

Winner: 360 Red